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Sunday, September 26, 2010

This is happening

Monday, September 20, 2010

Only for Marijuana Seasoned Verterans

An article from reddit...

Personally, I don't care for the Lon Lon recipe that's popular around here (I haven't actually tried it, but I tend to think of r/trees as a more of a noobie board concerning this kind of thing). I use non-homogenized whole milk (where I live, I get the Strauss Family Creamery brand) because I want to get the fattiest, fattiest fat I can possibly find for this. I do half gallon batches in a pressure cooker. I was adding a half teaspoon of soy lecithin as an emulsifier but this last batch I forgot to and it still turned out great--so it's your call.
Anyway, Supply list:
  • half gallon of whole milk.
  • Pressure cooker (so we don't lose moisture during the simmer).
  • About a QP of sugar trim, if you've got buds use two ounces.
  • Soy lecithin if you want.
  • a plain white T shirt cut in half for straining
  • a wire strainer to support the T shirt
  • some heavy rubber gloves for squeezing out the T shirt (it'll still be hot)
  • small bottles to distribute and freeze in--I buy travel shampoo bottles from Target and don't distribute the milk to them until it has cooled significantly.
Put the milk in the pressure cooker and put it on medium heat. You want to heat the milk not to boiling but just before. We don't want the fat to separate but we do want it to be pretty hot. When you see a line of film forming around the edge of the pot, you're getting really close. When it's up to temperature, add your product. Give it a few minutes to come back to temperature, then seal the lid on and reduce heat to the absolutely lowest possible setting. This can be tricky with gas ranges that like to blow out, so actually an electric stove is advantageous here. Let it sit for about two hours.
After two hours, remove from heat. Let everything cool for a while before you open it. We don't want the steam to escape--we want it to condense and remain with the milk. I've plugged my sink to make cool-water baths to set the cooker in before when I was impatient. After cooling, open 'er up and strain through the T shirt, supported by the wire strainer. Ball up the T shirt and with your gloves on, squeeze all of that liquid out that you possibly can. Remember, this stuff is active for some people at the half teaspoon, so every little bit you can squeeze out counts! Discard the leftover leaf/bud material.
All that's left is to separate out into individual bottles and store them. I like to refrigerate my bottles overnight before freezing them and always make sure there's room for the ice to expand (I've had a bottle or two rupture). Unfrozen, the milk should keep as long as milk usually does, well refrigerated for about two weeks or so. If you freeze, you'll get months. You can refreeze up to once, but I've heard if you freeze more than that you'll really damage the quality of the milk. If you're using non-homogenized milk like I am, you'll need to shake vigorously as the cream will rise to the top.
Dosage. I like to use the little plastic cups that come with cough syrup for this, but measuring spoons and a shot glass will work, too. Remember, one nearly full shot glass = one fluid ounce = 30ml. For lightweights, I've found that a half teaspoon (5ml) to a quarter shot (1.5tsp or 15ml) is plenty. For seasoned stoners, a half shot might be appropriate. Anything beyond a full ounce I would consider to be a heroic dose. Lately, with my tolerance creeping up, I've been dosing nearer and nearer to that one ounce line, but if I'm using good product to make it with, 3/4 will still put me on my ass. I have a tendency to dose it kind of high, though.
The first time I had this milk, I was dosed with a full shot made with processed Chem D buds, two ounces to the half gallon. It was quite the epic experience. Those who were there to witness it still consider it stuff of legend. I trippedHARD. You probably don't want to trip as hard as I did, though. Luckily, I was at a friend's place out in the country with no neighbors for acres around so they weren't bothered by my continuous hour of uncontrollable screaming. (I was fine, it's just the trigger in my brain to scream was pinging hard) Make sure you have chaperones if you're going to dose hard, too. Strong edibles can make you behave in ways you never ever thought you would behave.

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